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Over the last few years, we have been working with one of our partners to provide for poor and financially struggling pastors. These have been located mainly in rural areas of China where the economy is very weak but where the Church is growing rapidly. Because of this growth pastors are in short supply. Many believers are having to step up and become pastors. Chinese pastors have a passion to spread the Gospel while at the same time building disciples of those they have already led to Christ. Many of these pastors lack the resources and training required. In fact, there are few places where they could train.

You can give house church pastors and leaders across China the opportunity to pastor and grow the churches they have planted. This will enable them to reduce the number of hours they have to work in secular jobs, to feed their families etc., and to spend more time pastoring those in the church. Many of these pastors are living in poor, rural areas where conditions are basic and there is no money available to them from the small churches they have planted and are eagerly tending and supporting. With many of them working full-time jobs, US$250 per month will allow them to reduce the number of hours they need to work to make a living. US$500 per month would give them more time for their churches and mean they only need to work part-time hours to help provide for their needs.

For several years we have been supplying churches as well as potential and actual pastors with AppSTER, our MicroSD containing thousands of resources to help them into growth and to pastor these new churches.

Still, in this day and age, one of the common forms of transportation in China is bicycles. in a future program, CCSM is looking to provide these pastors with bicycles to enable them to travel from village to village spreading the Gospel and planting churches in unreached areas. Support through CCSM will provide local Chinese pastors with the tools and resources they need to spread the Gospel and make disciples the thousands coming to Christ daily.

Now we want to step up and provide them with some financial support to allow them to pastor more effectively without having to worry about some of the basic needs they have, like food, shelter, clothing etc.

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