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There are very few resources inside China for believers to access, very few if any Christian bookstores, some churches even share Bibles amongst themselves. After printing and delivering many books and Bibles since the mid-80s it became increasingly difficult to get these resources safely to the places that needed them. We were swamped with requests for book and Bibles, the demand was far greater than our ability to supply. We have now suspended book printing for a while, distribution is extremely difficult in these days and very unsafe for the printers and the recipients.

In 2016 our literature team and a fellow co-worker from another organisation sat down to discuss the massive demand and the lack of supply and to try to find a way forward. Out of that meeting came the inspired idea to supply all the books and bibles we had been distributing physically as paper copies, together with any other material we could get access to, in the form of a smartphone app and fit all the data it onto a MicroSD card.

That is when AppSTER was born! After months of development and testing, we launched our first copies inside China, and after a steady start to copying and distribution, we are now producing and delivering approximately 3,000 cards every month to needy believers; but again the demand is overwhelming. However, the improvement over sending physical books is enormous we are now sending them not one or two books but whole libraries of books and bibles together hundreds of other resources such as video and audio training materials.

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