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Love and Compassion in Action for China's Poor, Needy and Orphaned

A child is born every 1.5 seconds in China. China has been called the world's factory, but too many of its children are hurting. They are children without a voice, who do not often attract the eye of the world's media... but who need our action.

It's not uncommon for children to be abandoned on the street or at the gate of an orphanage. Some of the children are healthy little girls who simply aren't wanted. Many have minor disabilities such as a hair lip or cleft pallet. Conditions in the orphanages are often dismal due to underfunding. The government may be trying to bring change, but the task is huge.

Quick Facts

CCSM regularly send teams to serve in China's orphanages.

We also sponsor many children in their education needs. If children and young adults can receive an education, they are better prepared not only for the short term but for life.

One orphaned girl dreams of being a doctor. How great it would be if she achieves her dream through the education that we are supporting her in.

In another area of China, we are extending our work with mentally and physically challenged children. We have opened a day care training centre where we will work with children and their parents in an effort to improve their quality of life.

What can I do?

The Bible says that God's nature is: "One who cares for the afflicted and desires justice for the poor." This is the type of care that your donation can help CCSM provide. We want to bring love, hope and justice for those whose voice is small. You can stand with us in that.

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