Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we work? Please email a local office for details

Has the coronavirus pandemic changed how we work?

We are continuing to run our offices around the world, many based in homes.

We have workers still in China, who are safe, some have returned to China and one family have left China early because of the situation.

We initially paused the distribution of SD cards, at the height of restrictions in China, but have now resumed sending these cards into China, where they are copied and distributed around China.

Our Short Term Teams are on hold. We cannot take teams into China until travel restrictions are eased. We are monitoring the situation and will announce the news when we have positive options available.

The on-going mercy and medical work continue led by Chinese workers and support gifts are able to be sent.

Our National Office Directors normally attend conferences and exhibitions in their various countries operating a CCSM stand or booth and attract interest, support and new names to receive the Prayer Letter. These were all cancelled in 2020. This reduces our ability to attract new supporters. Some countries may be open enough for events to take place in the second half of 2021.

We continue to pray!

We continue to produce the monthly Prayer Letter.

What can you do?

We can send the Prayer Letter by email, and add names to the subscription list – please contact us to be added to this list.

We need more supporters to pray to help us move forward in our service to China.